STEP 1: Fill out the form under our "Contact" page

STEP 2: We will contact you to discuss the details of what type of image you would like

STEP 3: Email your images to (check out the tips below for the best possible images to email us)

STEP 4: After payment has been made, we will begin creating!

STEP 5: You will receive a proof for approval

STEP 6: Once approved, you will receive a download link

STEP 7: Download your digital image(s) to share and/or print (we also offer beautiful fine art style prints!)


Full body at eye level

Looking down angle makes body unusable

Clear image with good front lighting

Blurry image with back lighting


Make sure the Light Source is behind the camera, NOT behind your subject! Your subject facing a window is best for indoor photos. Your subject in full shade is best for outdoor photos (cloudy days are great!). And be careful of harsh partial shadows on your subject. Those can be very difficult for us to remove while editing.


If possible, take the photo 2-6 feet away from your subject. Include the entire body (although portraits only require from the chest up). If you have an image that you would love to use but is missing body parts, we often use more than one photo and combine what we need. Sending multiple images is always ideal!


Kneel or Crouch to your subjects height. This is one of the most important rules to follow! Images taken while looking down on both humans or pets, do NOT work for composite images.


Blurry images will not work for composites. Also, images saved from social media are turned into compressed files. This significantly diminishes the quality, and creates a blurry/pixelated image when uploaded into our editing software. Please provide original cell or camera images.

Bonus Tip! When choosing your image, zoom in on the eyes of the photo you plan to use.

If they are clear, and details are relatively easy to see, than you have a good photo!